YWEA 2017: Cota, Colombia



For the last 50 years, the area surrounding Cota, Colombia has been devastated by war, drug cartels and corruption. Every day, students are unable to safely go to school and parents simply do not have the means to take care of their children. The nation is in disarray as 67% of its children live in poverty and over 60,000 street children are at risk for violence and abuse. With each child’s horrific story, it is clear that the city of Cota is losing the hopes and dreams of tomorrow due to the hardship and fears of today. This scenario leaves young moms and children desperate and without hope.


The Plan:

In 2010, YWEA made an initial investment to help the ministries in Cota; however, there is much more that is needed. This year, YWEA will expand the ministry vision of Rosalba through the COTA Project that will:

  • Purchase a Safe House for Boys - Rosalba Perez pioneered the incredibly successful Safe House for Girls ministry. Using this same model, YWEA will help them establish a Safe House for Boys. The need for a safe, stable environment for boys to experience God’s love is crucial. Colombia is a dangerous country that is plagued with drug cartels, gangs, trafficking, and violence; the most vulnerable are defenseless boys who are recruited into gangs or disposed of through death squads.
  • Finish Construction on the New Christian School - Rosalba Perez helped establish a thriving Christian School currently serving 270 students. There are amazing testimonies of how girls from the Safe House that have gone are ranked in the top 10 in the whole country in education based on the quality education of the Christian School in Cota. Many girls who graduated from the school have grades that are now some of the highest in the whole country. With your help, YWEA will help complete a cafeteria, technology center, high school restrooms, furnish all the classrooms and build a pre-school.
  • Renovate the Safe House for Girls with the Help of Church of God Girls Ministries - The Safe House for Girls provides a wonderful atmosphere of loving provision, in a beautiful setting, on the side of a hill in Cota. Several girls have passed through the program and moved on to higher education and vocational opportunities. Sister Rosalba reports seeing the Hand of God in restoring, loving and providing for these young women. The Safe House for Girls currently houses 25 girls but it desperately needs renovations to better take care of these special children and teens. Remodeling would provide a hot water system for showers and expand the house to accommodate up to 35 girls.

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